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1.December 6, 2014 Saturday. Light Up Lakewood Parade from 4:00 to 8:30 PM. Rain or Shine! Parade begins at Bunts & Detroit. Parade is approximately one mile. The club will have a set up at the Latvian Church 1385 Andrews Ave, Lakewood. This is for Adopt A Husky and SHCGC.  

2.December 30, 2014. Noon till 5:30 pm.Tuesday. Rocky River Nature Center 16200 Valley Parkway, Strongsville. Winterriffic! Rain or Shine. Meet and greet all day. Note: This event changed dates from Jan 4th to Dec 30th.

3.Cancelled Event: January 11, 2015.  Sunday. Punderson State Park.  SHCGC Fun Day.  THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED.

4.January 17, 2015 Saturday. Chardon Winterfest. 2-5:30 pm.
Rain or Shine in the square. Meet & Greet and hand out flyers. Educational sled talks. 

5.January 24, 2015 Saturday. Cleveland Natural History Museum, 1 Wade Oval Drive. Cleveland OH 44106. 10 AM to 4 PM. Talk and meet & greet throughout the day. With or without dogs. This is Balto’s 90th Birthday Celebration. 

6.  January 31,2015; Saturday. Rocky River Valley River Metro Park; 10 am. Barb W. Talk and meet and greetafterwards.

7. February 1, 2015; Sunday. Frozen Fest. Westwood Nature Center; Novelty,Ohio Rt. 87; 12-4 meet and greet, no talk.

8. February 5, 2015; 
Thursday.  West Geauga Middle School, 1 hour program, Paula talk.

9.  February 7, 2015  Saturday. Beaumont Boy Scout Camp. Educational Talks with dogs. Paula & Shelley run teams to each camp.

10. February 20, 2015; Jefferson Southwest Warren Ohio. 2 programs back to back. Paula and Shelley K.

11. March, 2015; Possum Middle School, Springfield, Ohio.  Barbara Williams.

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