The 2015 Punderson Sled Dog Classic
January 10-11, 2015
Alternate date:  February 21-22, 2015
Punderson State Park
Newbury, OH

6 Dog Siberian
6 Dog Open 
4 Dog Siberian
4 Dog Open 
3 Dog Sportsman
2 Dog Sportsman

Drivers Meeting:  9:00 AM Saturday

First Race Begins: 
10:00 AM Saturday
9:30 AM Sunday

All Races Start at the Golf Course.  
Parking at the Golf Course will be for 
Mushers Only this year.
Entry forms and rules are found at link below
        The Punderson Sled Dog Classic
Managed by: The Siberian Husky Club of Greater Cleveland
Purse: TBD

     Race Site:
 Punderson State Park
Newbury. Ohio 
located 30 miles East of Cleveland on State Route 87 
(in the heart of the Ohio Snow Belt) 

Race Chair: Mary Groth

Race Marshall:  To be announced

Chief Timer:  To be announced

Trail Boss:  Rob Groth

4 & 6 Dog Open Classes - (4 & 6 miles) 
(Open class constitutes any breed of dog)  
4 & 6 All Register Siberian Classes (4 & 6 miles)

(The Registered Siberian Class constitutes a team composed 
of purebred Siberian Huskies as recognized by the AKC/CKC. 
Proof of breed must be available if challenged)  

3 Dog Sportsman (3 Miles)  
2 Dog class (1.5 miles) is open to ALL dogs. No prize 
money paid trophies only.  

Purse money will be divided by % of entries between the 
Open class & All Siberian Classes and will pay through 5th place. 
Trophies will be award to 1st - 3rd place ineach class
Jacket Awarded to First Place Driver of all Classes  

$7.00 per dog Open and Siberian 
$6.00 per dog Sportsman.  

Entries close at 6:00 PM on Friday Jan. 9, 2015.  
       Late entries will be taken until 8:30 a.m. on Sat. at 1.5 times the regular entry fee (2 dog class exception).

DRAWING: Drivers Meeting Date TBA.

DRIVER'S MEETING: 9:00 AM. Saturday.  
NO REFUNDS after numbers have been drawn, 
except in the case of race cancellation due to lack of snow. 

Dog Bag, Brake, & Snow Hook required. 
No whips or clackers!  


Mary Groth, Race Sec  
3485 Boston Mills Road  
Richfield, OH 44286  
  Phone: 330.659.7330

Park Accommodations: Punderson State Park offers a 
beautiful lodge (Manor House) for overnight stays or 
many rustic cottages that can sleep 8-10 people. 

Call the lodge for rates 440-564-9144 or 1-800-282-7275. 
Camper hookups are also available.  

TELEPHONE: 1-800-AT-A-PARK (282-27275) 
for rates, availability, and information  

KID N MUTT Fun Run Limited Entries (30) - SATURDAY ONLY!  
$5.00/child (100 YD DASH)